Click here to access the latest messages and archives of the listserv of the Space, Sexualities and Queer Research Group (SSQRG), administered through Jiscmail.

This electronic exchange platform serves more than the purpose of a mailing list. Along with SSQRG’s dedicated Twitter channel, the SSQRG listserv is the Research Group’s key channel for distributing messages, including calls for papers and conference participation, and facilitating debate amongst subscribers with an interest in sexualities and queer geographies.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the SSQRG listserv at any time at this link. You can read the SSQRG Jiscmail Privacy Policy here.

Membership of this listserv does not implicate official membership of the Research Group. Official SSQRG membership can be obtained through applying for, RGS-IBG Fellowship, or RGS-IBG Associate Fellowship (if you are a postgraduate or are within five years of graduating from your first degree), and, then, select SSQRG on the join research group form per guidance at this link.